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Photo Cover for Timeline

The article is about the uses of the photo cover on the facebook timeline cover. Where the cover can be found and how to set it on the facebook profile. Also which websites provide free of cost attractive designed photo.more>>

Best Practices in Using Web Fonts

If you haven’t yet figured out that fonts used online are very different from those used in print then you have to start your designer training yet again. This is a fundamental tenet for designing for web. Print media and newspapers can afford t use expansive and fancy fonts as long as they get read. After all, nobody throws away their newspaper if they don’t like the font. With websites things are different. Firstly, it’s slightly harder on the eyes to read on screen.more>>

Online Communities:

Customer Loyalty is one of the main ingredients of social networks like Facebook, Amazon Twitter and Orkut. They need a great number of returning visitor for their success. Their member have a great trust level and are sure that their personal data is safe with the social networks that they are a member of.Looking at the statistics we can see that some sites have a very good returning visitors ratio of around 80%.more>>

Pay Per Click Advertising

The main players in the PPC market are Google, Yahoo and Bing and it’s the main and most effective source of advertising online. What PPC actually means is that you have the power of determining exactly who visits to your website. The only payments you make are for those clicks that lead to your website. For example if a person clicks on a search engine result, link, or a banner and gets to your website you pay for it and is called pay-for-performance advertising.more>>

Search Engine Marketing

Search Marketing has never been more important to businesses than it is now. Commonly known as Search Engine Marketing, has come a long way since the days of Search Engine Optimization. In the early days all you had to do is build a nice site with some good content then off you go building links to your site. Everything about Search Engines and Quality content has changed.more>>